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Empowered Innovation


Our experienced staff of IT professionals will help you tackle your Business challenges using State of the Art technology with these objectives in mind; – Efficiency, Cost Savings, Better Productivity.


With a full suite of Enterprise Solutions to help you manage and run your business well, you can pick and choose what suits your business needs at this time.


Combining naturally gifted talents with a dedication to hone our craft, we are a team of operatives, playing at the edge of art and technologies, to excel and to create new frontiers.

The Future of Work

The Difference Between Work and Play 

When work is no longer seen as work, but play, people will be able perform at their best.

While experts battle to gamify tasks so that people can be persuaded to perform, wouldn’t it be much simpler instead if we remove drudgery such that they can get to the good parts of work quicker? When we are able to remove processes which are routine and repetitive, you would be able to focus more on the higher order tasks and deal with bigger decisions that require a bit more creativity. Less time is spent on tasks that drains your attention and energy, thus freeing you to work on growing your business with clarity and joy.

What We Offer

Playing at the edge of technologies, we are about optimizing your work flow and introducing automation, such that you are enabled to perform your work better, and to focus on doing what you are good at.


We offer user friendly and dedicated services to help our clients co-create innovative technical solutions based on their requirements. Our experts will guide you through every step of the way from project conceptualization to roll-out and ensure you have a solution that exceeds your demands!


Having been in the industry since 2012, we had experience building applications for mobile devices from conceptualization to publishing. We focus on creating apps that are user friendly and easy to use so you can gather maximum traction for sustainable growth and revenue for your business.


A well thought-out, user friendly and functional website is an indispensable marketing tool that could win you clients and collaborators from the get-go. Whether it be an business portal or an e-commerce website, our team will help you identify the best way to integrate your existing business with a full function website.


Talents On Tap offers very efficient support & maintenance packages along with application hosting, domain registration and setups. We serve as your outsourced technical department to perform basic and advance maintenance on your application servers as well as technical helpline.

Creating Powerful Solutions Together

Succeed With Professionals

Talents on Tap was started when an Software Engineer/Artist and a talented Animator/Technologist both with a penchant for Games, Technology and Businesses, came together to work on a new model of working empowered by technology. Gathering a pool of multi-talents, we combined our experiences in design, building apps, creating artwork, creating solutions for businesses, and project management to help our clients overcome their business challenges. Drop us your CV at if you think you got what it takes to be a talent on tap!


Good designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but will also elicit a favourable response from users.


Combining skills in writing, video production and animation, create Information products to help businesses market themselves.


Put your technical skills into good use as you help organisations create good documentation for their staff, client, and investors.


Being a developer, one not only as to be good in your field of knowledge, you also need to be problem solvers who know how to optimise your own code.

Some of the Great Things we’ve Done

Mobile Conference App

The Perfect Companion to any Conference or Events, the Events on Tap Conference App combines marketing and information dissemination into a powerful package!

Digital Catalogue App

A one stop Electronic Catalog platform that enables a whole new shopping experience for consumers by bringing together promotions by the most popular retailers in Singapore and exclusive deals from merchants. 

Customised Enterprise Solution

A custom made business solution that comes with digital catalogue mobile app and suite of backoffice modules for managing customer, fulfiling orders, and inventory management.

Website with Reservation

Creatively developed to embrace the essence of a restaurant and provide the chef a meaningful way to engage their customers. To facilitate bookings, a reservation form is integrated to the website to allow customer to conveniently reserve their favourite seats on available time slots.

Connect With Us

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