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The Perfect Companion to any Conference or Events, the Events on Tap Conference
App combines marketing and information dissemination into a powerful package!

The App lets your Conference attendees get the latest updated event schedules,
important information about each event, and view participant details. A great way to
engage your attendees during your events, this app can help facilitate networking,
and introduces a “Wow” factor to the user experience!

The system can be customised to maximise the brand of your company, and feature
your partners and sponsors for additional exposure and coverage while providing a
satisfying suite of functions to help your delegates get around!

  • Full Program Listing – Provides all important information of the event such as
    program descriptions, schedules, photos, speaker info, latest updates
  • Contacts List Feature – Allows users to network with fellow delegates with similar interests
  • Special Feature Option – App can be further customized to enhance user experience.

Conferences that uses Events on Tap App enjoyed these benefits:

  • Engage attendees and build a loyal following for your events
  • Generate repeat business
  • Reduce marketing and manpower costs
  • Maximise Direct Customer Outreach and exposure of events
  • Increase sponsor’s exposure and thus increase potential revenue through
    sponsorship tie-ins.

Features Highlights

Easy to Navigate Interface

The Home Screen for our conference apps is an elegant design which places available options on the forefront, giving users an intuitive way to navigate their personal conference assistant.


The main Programmes screen, displays the Conference Schedule with a rich, attractive image interface.

A user can click on each event to find out more information about it.

Programme details

Upon clicking any of the event, more information about the event will appear.
This screen displays the schedule of the event with the following:
• Date
• Time of Event
• Title of Event
• Add to Calendar Button
• Description of Event
• Speaker(s)
A Speakers lists is displayed here with the following:
• Profile Picture of Speaker
• Name of Speaker
• Description of Speaker

Attendees List

The Attendees list allows your guests to know who is coming to the conference.

Your guest can also search the attendees according to find people they would like to interact with.

As a special feature, a % Similarity Rating displays how closely matched your guest is, with another person on the list.

Clicking on any person on the list will give you more information about the attendee.
Attendee’s Profile

Your guests can put their best foot forward by adding more details about themselves, and also put their best picture to be displayed on a personalised profile page. With this profile, other people can:
1. Add Contact
2. Add Notes
3. Find out more about your guest

User Interaction

Your guests can further interact with each other by proposing group projects, post questions to the speakers “live”, and take part in surveys with features such as the forum section.

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